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Pedicure SpaDoctor Fish business opportunity recognized worldwide

It was in Turkey that the phenomenon of the “fish spa” was born. For years, thousands of tourists went there to enjoy the benefits of these special small fish. Aside from its exfoliating and healing properties, it is also a quite relaxing treatment.

Their success has spread beyond the Middle East to Europe, the United States and today in Canada with the help of Aqualogue Inc., specialists in the field of aquariums and aquatic life support.

This exfoliating treatment, Ichthyotherapy, has the advantage of being natural, no chemicals and no raps. When these little fishes come in contact with your hands and feet, they will give you a feeling of relaxation and well-being. The skin is stimulated, the blood flow improved, similar to reflexology or acupuncture.

Docteur Fish offre un moment de détente, à savourer seul ou en groupe pour se ressourcer et profiter d’une expérience unique qui  surprend par son originalité.

Our franchise offer

  • Advertising campaigns (internet, print, TV, etc.).
  • Powerful and highly proven marketing tools created by professional advertising agency.
  • A constant and regular flow of new customers to your place of business.
  • A team of professionals at head office, everyone entirely dedicated to your success.
  • The service taking calls 24 hours a 24/7 days, 365 days a year.
  • On-site training on the methods of management of stations and fish.
  • Regular monitoring of the development of your franchise throughout your business life.
  • Line maintenance products for your high-end aquariums.
  • Fixed monthly franchise fee.

Who are my potential customers?

The typical customer of Doctor Fish is a person who is in search of body care treatments and relaxation – that is, almost everyone at one time or another. It may be a couple, or just one woman or one man desiring beauty treatments.

The internet is the best way to join him.

Moreover, our “Spa Pedicureservice can serve as an excellent gateway to the range of related services you offer to your place of business (manicure, pedicure, massage, hairdressing, etc.).

The possibilities are endless.


If you are interested in our concept as a franchisee, we suggest you to contact us to receive all the detailed information regarding our proposal as a franchisor.

To do so, please fill in a confidential questionnaire and one of our representatives will contact you. Thank you and hope to work with you!

  • Please select the region where you would locate your franchise Doctor Fish.

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