Our care units

Our exfoliating care units for hands and feet

Our goal is to help Spas and esthetic centers to offer a beauty and health treatment recognized for centuries throughout the world, being that of the Garra Rufa fish. Our Docteur Fish stations are all manufactured in Quebec, with quality products and with high precision. Water changes are automated and take place systematically 3 times daily controlled by an electronic system.

D.E.L. lighting radiates a light which is conveyed by the acrylic walls around the basin. The leather like material used for upholstery of the seats is waterproof and very durable. All our products are custom made in our workshop.

Spas and other rejuvenation centers can use these amazing fish and offer their customers a natural skincare with lasting and effective benefits. Massages given by the Garra Rufa are very beneficial on many levels. Customers receive outstanding and appropriately priced natural skin care treatments, while the spa and salon owners are reaping the benefits of offering an innovative and original service. After all, these small fishes can easily do the work of several people.

Our Docteur Fish stations are all manufactured in Quebec.

Dual station for foot treatment with washbasin

  • Acrylic aquariums
  • 2 external filters
  • 2 external sterelizers
  • 2 water heaters
  • 120 authentic Garra Rufa
  • Blue LED lighting
  • Laminated base and furniture with padded back and seat
  • Zen center washbasin
  • Automatic 4 times a day water changes

Single station for hands and feet

  • Acrylic aquariums
  • 3 external filters
  • External sterilizer
  • Water heater
  • 150 authentic Garra Rufa
  • Blue LED lighting
  • Automatic 4 times a day water changes

Dual station for hands and feet

  • Dual station for hands and feet
  • Acrylic aquariums
  • 4 external filters
  • Ultra-violet sterilizer
  • 300 W water heater
  • 300 authentic Garra Rufa
  • Free installation within 100 Km of Montreal.

Technical elements

Our systems are at the forefront of technology in terms of filtration and sterilization.

Filtration is carried out in three steps:

  • Mecanical
  • Biological
  • Chemical

Each station’s water is filtered at a rate of 1,800 liters / hour and our stations are equipped with an automatic water changing system which changes the water 3 times per day . All stations are equipped with Trojan technology UV sterilizers that eliminate bacterias and viruses and prevent contamination.

All our care units are equipped with high density LED lighting.

Hygiene and maintenance

Even before the end of a session, the basin water will have been filtered and sterilized 15 times .

Docteur Fish has made ​​every effort to allow you to experience 100% natural and relaxing treatments, ensuring the utmost hygienic conditions:

  • The customer must fill out a health checklist
  • The feet are first examined thoroughly and cleaned before immersion into the tanks
  • Each tank has its own system of filters and UV sterilizers
  • The water in each tank is fully filtered and sterilized a minimum of 15 times / hr
  • After each session, the feet will be cleaned again and a cream is applied
  • The water in each tank is changed daily

For reasons of hygiene, the Docteurr Fish company and the administrations of the Health Centers reserve the right to deny access to people with skin diseases and/or foot lesions.

All participants must comply with Docteur Fish’s protocol between clients.

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