Our Fish, their origine

Our fish farm is composed of authentic Garra Rufa from Turkey and reproduced in our breeding center in Quebec. They are acclimatized to local settings and very resistant.

The Garra Rufa is a freshwater fish of the Cyprinid family from rivers in Turkey, Jordan, Iran, Irak, Syria and Israel. In the wild, they feed on micro-organisms that they suck off the aquatic depths .  In an aquarium, it rarely exceeds 9 cm . Its life expectancy in the wild is estimated at fifteen years. Like all living organisms, feeding for the Garra Rufa is paramount and they do not feed on dead skin alone. They are omnivores who need a supply of protein, vegetation, mineral salts and vitamins. This is the reason why Docteur Fish has called upon the services of an ichthyotherapist, to develop our very own secret recipe.


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